New Car Technology that Are Sure to Improve Your Driving Experience
March 23, 2016, 1:46 pm

Everyone is all amped up about the driverless car, that will allow people to get from one place to another and they will not have to do anything more than get in the car to make it happen. This is the innovation that is on everyone’s minds as millions of people around the world are looking forward to a time when they can just let their car take them to where they need to go. 

However, this is not the only innovation that will make being in your car an even greater joy. Every day a new car technology seems to be coming out, making a waiting public drool at the possibilities. Here are some of those that are coming soon.

Cars the Talk to One Another

Yes, that’s what it says. Car manufacturers are looking into the technology that will allow cars to talk to one another and for your car to talk to objects around it. This will make it so that if you are approaching a red light and you don’t notice it right away, the light will communicate with your car to tell it to stop. If you hit your turn signal and begin to move into the next lane unaware that another car is already there, the other car will be able to tell your car, “Hey buddy, no room for you here.” This is truly revolutionary stuff for sure.

The Augmented Reality Dashboard

You can say things to activate commands for your car to take action. Augmented reality helps your car to take notice of any of your senses and make adjustments accordingly. It sounds crazy, but it is maybe a year or two, at most, from becoming reality. These dashboards will be able to sense objects in front of the car and be able to warn drivers to take action. They will also be able to detect challenges you may be facing, like squinting because the sun is too bright, and assist you in reducing glare or adding a hint of tint to block the sun’s rays. 

Airbags that Stop Your Car

Airbags have long been considered a passive safety feature, reacting to what has already happened. This is about to change. Soon it will be that if the airbag deploys it will tell the car to take action to stop or move away from the direction of crash. This is expected to save thousands of lives each year.

Energy Storing Body Panels

How awesome would it be if there were panels on your car that stored energy from the sun? Talk about a way to save money and the environment. This is closer to becoming reality than you may think.

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